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CAT-118 Roll-on Catalytic Propane Cargo Heater by Elston Manufacturing


The CAT-118 is a wall-mount version of our propane powered catalytic roll-on heaters. It is often used for heating smaller trailers in situations where the lower cost outweighs the additional portability of standard catalytic rollon heaters like the CAT-700 and CAT-900. Like all catalytic heaters, it meets FMCSA requirements for use with flammable liquids and gases.

Product Specifications

Dimensions 51 1/2" T x 16" W x 8" D
Shipping Weight 98 lbs
Rating 18000 BTU
Fuel Requirement Propane (LP gas)
Fuel Consumption 0.7 lbs/hr max
Thermostat Range 50 F to 90 F

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Home » Cargo Heaters » Roll-on Cargo Heaters » CAT118 Roll-on Heater
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