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Ordering Information for the Gopher Getter and Gopher Bait

Ordering a Gopher Getter

The Elston Gopher Getter products are sold through a traditional network of warehouses and dealers. To find the dealer in your area, you can use any of four methods below.

Use the Map

Click on the link below that matches the product you are interested in. A map will help you find the nearest warehouse or dealer.

Gopher Getter Machines | Gopher Getter Jr.

Call Us

Please call us at (800) 845-1385. 

Email Us

You can email us at sales@elstonmfg.com to place an order. Please include your name, address (include the state you are from), and phone number along with your order or request for a quote. We will refer your order to a dealer in your area. The dealer should call or respond to your email in one to two business days.


Home » Gopher Getters » Gopher Getter Ordering
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