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Sander Mounted on Bus

Traction Sanders for School and City Buses

Elston Traction Sanders are an economical and effective accessory to improve the safety of school buses, especially when driving in icy conditions. We have models designed to fit most models of buses.

  • Effective - Our sanders drop grit that quickly improves your traction in icy conditions.
  • Economical - At around 1% of the cost of a new bus, the upfront cost of these sanders is very modest. In addition, they last for many years and require very little maintenance beyond the addition of grit.
  • Convenient - It stays mounted year round and is available to improve traction at the push of a switch.
  • Standards Compliant - Our sanders meet or exceed all the typical requirement for traction sanders set forth by state education departments. (see Utah (page 16), Nebraska (page 40), Pennsylvania standards for typical requirements. Also see NSTSAP (page 54) for national standards)

Available Models

Four standard models are available that fit nearly all models of buses. Please contact us to discuss the model or models that will work on your bus.

Current Product Documentation

Documentation for Previous Versions of Product

For sanders with a mechanical level sensor. These sensors are distiguished by their galvanized housing.


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