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Traction Sander installed on truck

Traction Sanders for Trucks by Elston Manufacturing, Inc.

Elston Traction Sanders are an economical and effective way to improve your safety and control when hauling in icy conditions. Although our sanders are not a complete replacement for chains, our product offers a number of advantages over chain-based products.

  • Effective - Our sanders quickly improve your traction in icy conditions and can be used anywhere from a bridge on the interstate to an icy intersection in the center of the city.
  • Economical - The upfront cost of these sanders is very modest. With the labor you'll save from fewer times putting on chains and less frequent chain replacement, the sanders will quickly pay for themselves. In addition, they last for years and require very little maintainance beyond the addition of grit.
  • Convenient - It stays mounted year round and is immediately available to improve traction at the push of a switch. There is no 25 mph speed restriction so you can drive at the speed dictated by conditions, not the limitations of your traction equipment.
  • Alternative to Chains - In some states such as Colorado, traction sanders are an approved alternative traction device (ATD).

Available Models

661 Series

The basic truck sander and the smallest, most economical model available.

861 Series

A larger cousin of the N-661 that holds a third more grit for little additional cost.

Quarterfender Sanders

An attractive replacement for your quarterfender that fits in tighter spaces without sacrificing grit capacity.

Product Documentation

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